What’s Spinning


On a personal note, I’m finally getting a kick of some spring time energy, a little late this year but still enough for a good spring cleaning around the house and the forum.  I found out from a forum member that the software I use to run the forum has a weird and unseen by me option to classify other members as “friend” or “foe”.  Not so friendly and welcoming!  I need to change some code and will have that removed ASAP.

I really appreciate the members who have held such lovely space in the forum while I’ve been off dealing with angst.  Conversations are a little slower than they were a few months ago, I imagine everyone is outside enjoying lovely weather. (more…)

Celebrating Passover


There’s just something about Passover. It is the quintessential Jewish holiday: it is familiar to non-Jews and is often observed regularly even by otherwise non-practicing Jews. Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday, hands-down, and I love sharing Passover with my children. Each holiday has its own flavor – there is the fun of Purim, the excitement of Chanukah, the spiritual depth of the fall high holidays, and the cultural identity of a week of Sukkot. Passover has all of these and more.

The story is a well known one from the Book of Exodus. In fact, it is the exodus the book is named for, the story of Moses leading the enslaved Israelites out of Egypt to freedom, and it has everything – hardship, plagues, food, miracles, and victory for the good guys. You got your frogs, your locusts, your water turning to blood, boils, and even lice. Plus, there’s a burning bush and the parting of the sea, and that whole passing over phenomenon. There’s a pharaoh and all kinds of Egyptian imagery, and there’s even Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments. What’s not to love? (more…)

Easter Already?


Not to clutter up this space with my own personal stuff, but wow it’s been a while. I’ve had a rough month and when things get tough I stay away from the interwebs. I’m giving myself permission to drop the Spring Carnival and am looking forward to hosting a summer one with a better time frame.

Here’s a round up of some Easter links: (more…)

Celebrating Purim

I’m excited to announce the start of a new festival series that will run throughout the year on Homespun Waldorf.  Would you like to share festivals celebrated in your Waldorf-inspired home?  Please do contact me! Janeen starts us of with a post about Purim.  xoxo-Sarah

Purim is a fairly big deal in our home and synagogue. It is a minor holiday in a religious sense, but that doesn’t mean it is unimportant or that its observance is minor. On the contrary, it is the most festive of all Jewish holidays, so our approach is lighter, less serious, more… well, festive! We look forward to it every year; it is definitely a family favorite.

Purim is always on the 14th of Adar, but because the Hebrew calendar and secular calendar are different, it occurs on different dates. In Judaism, holidays always begin the evening before, so in 2012, Purim will begin at sunset on March 7 and last until sunset on March 8. In 2013, it will be Feb 22-23. Check here for future dates of Purim. (more…)

February Adieu!

(Nature table picture submitted by Raquel at Sweet Peas Nursery)

Well, we made it through February – often the hardest month of the winter for me. The winter carnival gave me something new to look forward to each day, I hope it did the same for you!