Last year at this time, the Deep South was having bouts of snow and ice storms. For those of you unfamiliar with what happens in the Deep South during snow and ice, the answer is that everything closes down. There really is no ice or snow removal equipment; it truly is dangerous to drive anywhere, and most folks just stay home and either play in the snow or stay warm and huddled up. One of my favorite memories from last year was an entire week of snow and ice where no one could really make it out of our neighborhood. Instead, we were all home, snug in our warm houses, with lovely warm clothing to put on to go outside and sled. These are rare occurrences in the South, and one must take advantage of them when they come along.

There is something about the snow and ice and slowing of life that leads to pondering. It is an excellent time of year to think about family and the healthy foundations of conscious parenting and homeschooling. Candlemas was celebrated last week, and is often seen as the halfway point between winter and spring. This begs the question: what are you pondering in your heart that will arise in the spring? What new things are ready to be birthed in the way you care for your home, yourself, your spouse or partner, your children?

Pondering in a small and quiet way can often lead to a point where we can hear the longings of our own heart and our place in the Cosmos. We can hear our own intuition if we can take the time to slow down, and observe our family, our patterns, our life. We can use our intuitions and observations to formulate wonderful ways to meet challenges and joys. Silence is our friend and the mother of intuitive thought.

Just as every snowflake is different and unique in the land of nature, so too are every individual and family unique. There are essential truths of developmental stages to be worked with, there is the wisdom of traditional parenting, and there is the place where that merges with silence and intuition to make something new and wonderful.

Many blessings in your ponderings.

Written by Carrie Dendtler

Carrie is the author of The Parenting Passageway blog, a resource for peaceful parenting, and a Waldorf homeschooling mother of three children ages 10, 7 and 2. As a neonatal/pediatric physical therapist, lay breastfeeding counselor and board-certified lactation consultant, Carrie has observed, worked with and counseled thousands of families. Her time working with families and especially with parents of children with special needs has given her a unique perspective and foundation through which to view not only the importance of attachment but also the framework of Rudolf Steiner’s twelve senses and the seven year cycles as a foundation for a healthy childhood. She is a member of the Anthroposophical Society in America and is currently enrolled in a Foundation Studies program. She has been married for almost twenty years to her wonderful husband, and most enjoys spending time with her family in nature.

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