Not to clutter up this space with my own personal stuff, but wow it’s been a while. I’ve had a rough month and when things get tough I stay away from the interwebs. I’m giving myself permission to drop the Spring Carnival and am looking forward to hosting a summer one with a better time frame.

Here’s a round up of some Easter links:

Easter in the Waldorf Home

Easy Easter Egg Dyeing

Easter Ideas from Live Ed

Easter / Spring Story

Easter Crafts, Stories and Ideas

Steiner’s Lectures on Easter

Written by Sarah Cornett

Sarah lives in upstate NY with her two children, husband, two cats and various and assorted chickens.  She is the editor of content at Homespun Waldorf and also the administrator of the Homespun Waldorf forum.  She writes about homeschooling and mothering with attempted honesty at sistermama gets real

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